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The Coffee Machine

Dr. Bright + SCP-294 fanfiction based on the SCP Stories. · By Master Pose


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Little tool
I just want to share you this simple tool I made for me to be able to add drinks more quickly I guess, and if you want to add some drink just fill the parameter...
Sup People
After beign hostage at the RPC Authorities facility I was able to escape sucesfully and now I'm bringing you some info about the research of SCP-294. It's been...
Proper Grammar
Hello everyone, here Master Pose. To clarify: yes, I KNOW I need proper grammar, please considerate that most of the drinks are wrote at the midnight (so I don'...
Added different death scenarios on drugs. Added different death scenarios on alcohol. Added different death scenarios on burn/explode. Minor graphic changes. Mi...
1 file
Well, problem solved. I changed of hosting and now you can enjoy updates of drinks in real-time. Anyway, if the game cant connect to the server there are the lo...
1 file
So... There's certain hours when my host (where the drinks and information are) is "sleeping" (Yup, free hosting sucks but is something). Well, now you have a "...
1 file
Fixed the Heal<> effect. Added Random<> effect. Added Image<URL> effect. Added Download<URL> effect. Added Quit<> effect. Currently drinks count: 150+ Check how...
1 file
Thanks for everyone who played! Now we reached 100+ words! Keep playing to make more drinks!...

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