Proper Grammar

Hello everyone, here Master Pose.
To clarify: yes, I KNOW I need proper grammar, please considerate that most of the drinks are wrote at the midnight (so I don't have so much brain energy to think the proper grammar of a foreign language). Please don't put that in the SCP-294 (It'll get overcharged and probably kill you).
So if you want to help me, please send me here in this post or in the forum something you found that's wrong. 

Addendum [SCP-294mp]:

Please don't tell Dr. Bright I said this.- 05-██

The council is very thankful about the work and "investigation" of Dr. Bright about SCP-294. We found that SCP-294 it's learning, it seems everytime you insert a word  after some days it gets in its "memory". 

More investigation is needed.

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