This game is being developed from scratch, the playable version is the old one.

In the meantime, if you want to satisfy your hungry for SCP games try The Coffee Machine.

Started as a 2D game and moved to Unity 3D.

SCP-16p is a roguelike/roguelite (still choosing) voxel game based on the stories of the SCP Foundation, you will need to find your way out from a contaiment breach full of absurd and never imagined creatures. The game is heavily inspired from Cube-World, The Escapist and The Binding of Isaac.

Check the devlogs and the Trello page for more information.


  • Arrows to move.
  • E to action.
  • TAB Inventory
  • Click to item in inventory to use it.
  • R to restart.
  • Shift to run.

Based in the SCP Foundation stories.

Development log


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hows the 3d version going


Thanks for asking! I've had many struggles making it due to the fact that I'm programming on a low-end Laptop, so until I have a PC that can handle at least minimal 3D graphics I'll continue the development

when you go out of screen for the next scene, an scp is standing right there and kills you immediately...

ALSO who invented this? you need 3 hands for everything: 1 for mouse, 2 for movement and 3 for action + inventory

Hello there! I invented this, I was making an SCP 3D game and I left the original 2D prototype for archive purposes


Really fun game. But is there more then just opening doors and collecting and is there only Scp-049, Scp-173, Scp-066, and Scp-294? And also what do u exactly do is there a way to win and can you like fight back against the scp. Because i explored all of it i think. Anyways Great game and if u could please answer me so i know if there is more to the game thxs. 

welp stupid game :}



Can't walk at all, the only thing it let's me do is open the inventory

did you use arrows?


This game is being developed from scratch, the current playable version is the original. Please be patient and check the devlogs for more information :D

the end is you get to use the coffie machine it suck only water and lava work

Deleted 1 year ago
how to get through this game

When you get to SCP-049, you cant jump over him or get around him. I got stuck and killed 58 times from this issue. I even sprinted as fast as possible, and still died.

you can walk away from him until he turns around and then your free

speed the player up