From Scratch

Surprise! It's me, the developer!

So yeah, I started developing again SCP-16p but from scratch, I made this decision because in this period of time of one year I improved a lot my programming/logic skills and with this comes a much more clean code so, I can develop a version one day and continue it months after without problems.

I want to make this game a long term thing, with many SCPs and an history but this two were things I already thought a year ago, now I have another one (massive and maybe difficult) idea: a map maker. And also I changed my vision about the project, before I thought making basically a SCP: Contaiment Breach 2D, but now I want to make a kind of The Escapist game, where you have different facilities and you have to escape succesfully (without dying).

"I'm f***ed."

So tell me what do you think? Maybe you want a certain SCP? Or maybe you want to tell me this game is trash? Just type it!

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