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Hello player, thanks for the interest in the game. I'm Luan Himmlisch, the game developer behind Master Pose and I write this texty devlog as an update on the game, a non-so-satisfactory update I may say.

"Developing games as a solo developer is hard"

I imagine you've heard it before at least once, so in advance you need to know  this is the kind of explanation you're going to read.

A lovecraftian-horror  of a truth that all developers need to face, is that game development takes a lot of time. But not the lot of time you think, but a looooot of time. Multiply the time you think a project will take by 10 an maybe you'll get close to the real amount.

Before being Master Pose I developed games under another name, a name I changed from, to mark the end of a novice and the start of a serious developer. SCP: 16p is the last memory of  that era, an era of a novice that thought of making a 2D SCP: CB-like game.

Even before moving to Unity I advanced the 2D game a lot more than the published version, I was creating a history and all sort of stuff until I got tired. And see, that's the problem, I'm not saying that developing a long game is bad, but that developing a game is an exponential ramp of exhaustion, creating something new is easy, maintaining it until finish it it's not. So I don't know what the hell I was thinking when announcing the game was going to be  a 3D Roguelike game!

So, at the end SCP: 16p was destined to perish from the start as many other SCP games that got started by newbies with high hopes and lot of imagination but not vision or expectations of the real meaning of starting a game.

I'm currently working on many professional and personal small projects that will advance my career as a developer much more than stagnating on a single big project, come and join me on the adventure on our website or maybe drink a coffee from SCP-294 to stay strong after this sad post.

- Project closed.

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