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Mine is the first antisocial network of the world! Share your thoughts with yourself and keep your ideas to your own! 

Mine is a simple, ad-free, note/personal diary application with the looks we know and love, but without the persons we may not want to interact. Write what you want, post what you believe, no one will debate you.

Quick notes

As fast as Twitter.


Use hashtags to categorize your notes.


Customize the app to your style.

Import & export

Backup and pass your notes between devices.

No ads

As the 1st of its kind, Mine doesn't have ads nor recollects your data, as matter of fact it lacks any internet processes.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorMaster Pose
Tagsandroid, Clicker, mobile, notes, productivity, Singleplayer, social, Text based, tool, Typing
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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Hi, I found the app today. And it helps me very well. I personally use it as a note app. It would be very nice if you could open links. I use a # when I see interesting games to remember thoughts about them. I then paste the link to get to the page, but unfortunately you can't open the links.

I saw that the app is also available in the PlayStore. Unfortunately, I can't download it with Android 13 :/

But still a really cool app.


Hi! I downloaded this to stop myself from posting passive-aggressive vague posts on social media whenever I saw something that made me angry. It has worked pretty well for that purpose! My next step in using it is to start posting positive notes on there so I can hit the #positive hashtag to see them when I'm done ranting. Thank you for making this!


Hello! i try this app for a bit and i think i like it XD

I have some idea that hopefully make this app greater, but let me say what I like from this app first.

What I like:

1. You can change your Profile Pic, Username, and Profile name
2. Can like your post and favorite it
3. There is button to see post sorted by hashtag

Aaaannd here is my idea:
1. add "people" to like your post. I think that make you feel someone read your post. you can control how many "people" to like your post
2. add fake following. like the first one, you can costumize it!
3. add fake reply. You can customize what reply will show

thank you for reading this! :D


Okay, that's an interesting idea. I'll consider it as a fun extra configuration


love this soooo much ❤️❤️

i'm trying to open it on BlueStacks, but it won't open for some reason. i'm on a mac, if that helps any

Hello! Android emulators have problems running non-native apps such as Mine. Sorry for the troubles

oh thanks man!

are you thinking of ever making a desktop version?


Ironically, it started as a desktop app.

I'm making plans for the future that will allow me to export it to various platforms, but until then it will remain as an Android app only.


this is very cute, i love it!

i know the icon is changeable, but what about the banner section?


Have it in mind :b

I didn't add it with the avatar since I didn't (and haven't honestly) wrap my head around the new Android API specifications that limits developer's access to storage


lol valid. if you do make an update but don’t want to add new permissions, might i suggest the option to change the color?


This is fantastic!! Is there any possibility of making this open source? I would love to check out the code and maybe help add some functionality (connection to obsidian.md maybe? Images too would be amazing)

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately this was an experiment for learning and don't feel as comfortable to release my code, since it was put together very very lightly without having much thought on the engineering part. However if you're interested enough you could contact me and work something out :)


Ah I am interested thank you! I'll hit you up with an email sometime! I get what you mean about experimenting hahaha


Hope it comes to IOS someday!


Thanks but it's not likely. Apple fees are over the top :/


Super interesting concept!

Thanks! Hope you find the app useful!