How to make a Zelda-like game camera?

Have you ever struggled on making a smooth camera system for your retro game? Focus on what really matters and leave the boring stuff to this out of the box solution!

Zelda games made easy!

Create your own retro-style game in minutes! SnapTo is a zero-complications plug and play behavior for Construct 3. Add it to your player and done!

Retro camera in an instant

SnapTo is a Construct 3 camera behavior that follows your player  and snaps it to a grid.

Simple in design with  powerful utilities that will allow you to create your own metroidvania/zelda-like game with no difficulty!

Support, ideas and feedback

You can contact me over contact[at], over Twitter or over discord on the Construct Community where I'm Luan Himmlisch. I'm open to ideas for new plugins!

Sprites from Time Fantasy


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Nice plugin, I've been using it for a few months! I have a question though. Is there an easier way to find out which screen the player is on? like setting a text to find the coordinates?

Hello and thanks for the purchase! Currently, there isn't. Creating tags for specific coordinates could be an improvement for a future update

construct 3 have free template with this camera lol

This is not a template but a plugin. You can always do event-based approaches but using plugins frees your event sheet

It also provides some trigger conditions that would be more difficult to emulate with an event-based approach