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you are a very cool artist, I am glad that such people eat on this planet

Thanks for the compliment, but this is merely an extension of Pixel Dudes Maker made by 0x72. He's an awesome artist indeed

Can you add Android user i can't rotate it


Hi Master Pose!

I used your generator for the Game Jam #9:

You are credited in the game and in the comments.

If you can rate the game so it would be live streamed it, it would be great!

Thanks for sharing!

How did you download this tool? I don't see the option on the OC's page or this one. If that's not possible, could you share how you downloaded all the sprite parts?

its just for browser




aww man


I made binding of isaac characters:




would it be possible to download all the sprites?

Deleted 2 years ago

It has to be a problem with your PC or Browser. I checked and I have not found any problem in Chrome, anyway thanks for letting me know


If it isn't too much trouble, may I ask, how did you modify the app? I don't see any way to download it, but I was able to inspect the page and see the link to where it is hosted. I'm not very familiar with how to grab webstuffs haha. Cheers!


Hello, I didn't put any instructions on how to "hack" the app because it's not mine. You could talk with the original creator about that.

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Really love this tool. Saved for maybe later.
Also, hell yea! We need to expand the 0x72's cinemtic universe!