Simple pixel art character generator modification of pixeldudesmaker made by 0x72.

We need to expand the 0x72 cinematic universe!

New features:

Generated sprite-sheet license: CC0.

Thanks to 0x72 and his unique artstyle!


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Hey for some reason the generated sprites are discoloured, not a great big deal especially since free, just letting you know

It has to be a problem with your PC or Browser. I checked and I have not found any problem in Chrome, anyway thanks for letting me know


If it isn't too much trouble, may I ask, how did you modify the app? I don't see any way to download it, but I was able to inspect the page and see the link to where it is hosted. I'm not very familiar with how to grab webstuffs haha. Cheers!

Hello, I didn't put any instructions on how to "hack" the app because it's not mine. You could talk with the original creator about that.

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Really love this tool. Saved for maybe later.
Also, hell yea! We need to expand the 0x72's cinemtic universe!