XXII National Prototype Contest 2020

THIS GAME IS REGISTERED AS A PROTOTYPE for the XXII National Prototype Contest, annually done by the DGETI (General Direction of Industrial & Technology Education) in Mexico.

  • Click on any square to move.
  • Click on any  square with grabage to pick it up (one at a time only).
  • Put the correct item in the right container.
  • Press the <ESC> key to return to the main menu.
  • Click on the question mark icon to watch the credits and to change the background music.
  • Press the <E> key three times to delete all your progress.

Videogames are one of the most attractive (digital) media for young people,  as they allow them to live the adventures of a protagonist as their own and although this allows the growth of their creativity, videogames are also the causes of many distractions. There have been discussions on banning videogames but, what about using them in our favor? Regrettably in our country (México) the didactic use that videogames have has not been studied so much. Now it's the time,  time to transform an element used normally for distraction and entertaiment to a tool that brings lessons to our future generations, that brings them valuable knowledge.

The use of  videogames in pedagogical ways is possible and it's one of the better ways of teaching.

If you're a programmer, game developer, designer, influencer or any type of content creator, let's demostrate that digital media isn't malicious! join the cause and start making educational content for future generations.

You don't know how to code? it doesn't matter, there are plenty of ways you can make videogames without coding, for example this game, made with Construct 2.



Pick Up - Windows 76 MB
Pick Up - Linux 86 MB
Pick Up - MacOS 111 MB

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