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Master Pose's Construct 2 Hacker IS NOT a piracy software.

Sometime you ever wondered if you could change the default splash screen Scirra annoying advertisement of Construct 2? Maybe you could customize it just a little bit? Did you searched in the forums and found the same exact answer that every C2 dev has seen? 

"A common request is to customise Construct 2's loading screen. This can be done by using a loader layout, which is a special layout shown while the project is still loading."

No Scirra! I don't want a level loading screen! 


Well, finally here's your real answer, you can have it!

Your prayers have been answered and the filfthy liars of the forum will have their punishment so, no fear my child! Click this link and start the customization!


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Link does not work, if you can republish?