Release Version 1.4

Lighting settings:

Now you can change the color and intensity of the lights and shadows!

Layer managment:

Build skyhigh and work only on what you want!

Hide and show layers using the Layer bar on settings menu.

And they don't stop coming:

New items added and a new type: modules!

Modules are premade structures.

Known bugs:

I made this version a long time ago, but I didn't publish it cuz I wanted to add more things. Unfortunately, I'm busy on other stuff, so I decided it was for best publish this version. There are some known bugs I didn't fix for this version, please be aware:

  • Line tool
  • The new tool is buggy. It places blocks inside blocks, possibly lagging your pc.
  • Modules
  • If you place modules overlapping each other it will create blocks inside blocks aswell
  • Water render
  • This is not too serious, I just want to change the water material so the borders of each water block "merge"


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Feb 09, 2021

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